Velebit is the longest and most famous mountain in Croatia and stretches about 145 km in northwest-southeast direction. It appears as a huge, craggy arch protruding into the sea. Because of its natural diversity, very rich plant and animal world and experience of primeval wilderness Velebit mountain is covered with several categories of protection from the strictly protected reserves to national parks and nature significant landscape.
The most attractive experience in Velebit mountain is hiking by Premužić path 57 kilometers long trail that runs along the ridge of the mountain from Zavižan to Baške Oštarije in central Velebit. Path is also considered a true masterpiece of architecture because it was built in a dry stone wall and pretty flat and leads very easily to the cruelest and most rugged parts of Velebit.


Duration: 5 days
Distance: 60 – 70 km
Difficulty Level: 2 -4 / 5

Price:  from 240 €/person

The price includes:
– 4 half-boards in mountain huts
– GPS device with the route (1 pcs for 2 persons)
– detailed itinerary including route notes & maps
– National park Velebit fee
– emergency hotline
– energy bar

The price does not include:
– travel to and your home country to the start and end point of the trip
– lunch daily and all beverages
– sleeping sheet (required for the mountain huts)
– items of a personal nature including beverages, laundry, phone calls etc

Equipment: comfortable hiking clothes and footwear, backpack for multi-day tours, water, mobile phone
Starting point: Gornja Klada
Number of participants: Minimum 2 persons
Reservation: Booking in advance (3 days) is required
Availability: June 15th – September, 15th