Učka Hike (900x600)

Hiking tour at the Nature park Učka is one of the most attractive activities at Kvarner. The view from the top of Vojak (1400 m) over Istria and Kvarner islands, as well as the Alpine peaks is memorable experience. The top can be reached by easy and short path from Poklon or from some of the beaches of the Opatija Riviera. Educational trail called Plas will introduce you with this protected area and its flora and fauna.


short (4 – 5h), long (7 – 9h)
Distance: 8 – 20 km
Ascend: 500 – 1500 m
Difficulty Level: 2 – 3 / 5
Category: Experienced hikers & Families

Price:  30 eur/person

The price includes:
– experienced & licensed hike guide
– 0,5 l of water
– energy bar

Equipment: comfortable hiking clothing and footwear, backpack, mobile phone
Starting point: Poklon Ridge or Medveja
Number of participants: 4 – 20
Reservation: Booking in advance (2 days) is required
Availability: Whole year